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i_may_look_emo's Journal

we break skulls, kind of.
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We're awesome. And we listen to good music. And we don't need the label, thanks very much. Although, some really tasty food products, like Nutella and A1 sauce have labels. We are tasty food products, and damn, we look better in thick black glasses than anyone in this world.

So hello! If you all really wanted to know, this is my way of meeting a whole bunch of really rocking kids that have the same interests as me. And then these kids will meet each other and we're have one hell of a sweet community deal going on here.

Stereotypes are lame. By the way.

So, come join. Come chat, come pour your heart out in whiny lyrics, I care not. We're here to make meeting the coolest cats around easy. Birds of a feather.. um.. go to shows that are really cool. Definitely digging a hole here...